Meet the Trekking Mama

Hi, I’m Teri!

I am the Trekking Mama. The mama of 2 adventurous kiddos (ages 8 and 10), living in Washington State.

I love adventure. Exploring the outdoors any chance I get. I am an avid hiker and backpacker. I enjoy getting out on solo trips as well as adventure trips with my kids. I have been taking my kids camping, hiking, and backpacking since before they could walk. I also love going on road trips with them. On these trips I get to be fully present as a mom, and immerse with them in the outdoors.

We love the PNW but have we also traveled a lot of the world. We lived in China for a while, (what an adventure!) but in the end Washington is definitely home.

My aim is to share our family’s adventures as well as my own solo experiences. Focusing on bucket list hikes + backpacking trips both big + small. Inspiring other women to get out with and without their kids.

Follow along and get outside!